Consumer Revolution

In today’s world, consumers browse, compare and buy 24 hours a day on any channel. This relationship can now begin with a single system, managing your products, customers, orders and distribution on all channels. It’s time to rethink customer strategy. It's time for Bamboo Commerce.


Product Evolution

Bamboo provides users with real-time data through simple dashboard tools and robust reporting. Decision makers can now control product sales and growth, create unique customer experiences and replenish inventory with the speed and agility required to compete in today's market.


Streamlined Workflow

The ability to create a dynamic and efficient workflow for your team and customers is key to your success. Bamboo's built-in tools include product and inventory management, customer management, orders, returns and warehouse management to support your entire operation. Whether you sell direct to consumers via the web or manage omni-channel retail, we deliver the system and tools needed to efficiently and effectively support your customers, business and third-party integrations.

Key Product Features

    • Master of Stock Channel Syncing
    • Omni-Channel Inventory Allocation
    • Predictive Product Management
    • Fulfillment Management
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Inventory Trends & Cost Analysis
    • Dashboard Reporting
    • Real-Time Reporting
    • On-Demand Customer Recommendations
    • Customer Views on All Channels
    • Supplier Management
    • Seamless Integrations
    • Multi-Warehousing
    • Purchasing
    • Supplier Management
    • Wholesale Channel Management
    • Drop Shipping
    • 3rd Party Distribution

One System - One Click

Bamboo is the hub of technology operations that allows you to seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed technologies in a single click. As your business scales, you need the flexibility and power to meet and exceed the changing demand of consumers. With Bamboo, you can quickly add, modify or change e-commerce platforms; add payment gateways; leverage multiple freight carriers; integrate with point-of-sale systems; connect accounting systems; add third-party selling channels and more. It is one system with infinite tools and configurations for the changing world of commerce.

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